Workers Compensation Insurance

 $2,005,000 RETURNED TO MEMBERS IN 2013!


One of the most attractive membership benefits is the ABC of MI Self-Insured Workers Compensation Fund. All ABC of Michigan Members are eligible to apply for the Self-Insured Workers Compensation Insurance Plan.

The plan is owned by ABC of Michigan members and adminstered by Regency Group. This plan is like no other in that it returns profits to the fund's members annually.

You actually get money back from your premiums paid!

•Over $19.9 Million Returned Since 1995
•Members Average a 36% Return of Premium
•Nearly 500 Corporations Participating
•Industry-specific Loss Control & Safety Services
•Aggressive Claims Handling with Member Involvement Encouraged
•Stringent Underwriting Guidelines Designed to Screen High-Risk Applicants
•Membership required with an ABC of Michigan chapter


How does it work?

The ABC Self-Insured Workers Compensation Fund is owned by its members and operates similar to an insurance company -- providing the same employer protection and paying claims to employees injured on the job.

Why buy Worker's Compensation Insurance from the ABC SIWCF?

  • It saves you money - by operating with reduced overhead expenses of only 25%, the remaining 75% of the premiums paid are reserved for the payment of member claims.
  • You get money back - any money not used to pay claims and any interest it gains is returned to the fund members.
  • The fund has a selective approach to new members which saves members money on the cost of workers' compensation insurance over the long term.


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