Fuel Discounts

Program Features:
  • Discount Pricing - Retail minus .05 cents per gallon every month.
  • Enhanced Fleet Restrictions - Cards can have limits set up for either transaction dollar limits, gallon limits or number of transactions per day, can be set up and managed on-line 24-7 by individual card or set for entire account, and changed as often as you like.
  • Transaction Viewing - View transactions online within 15 minutes of card use, which can aid in driver tracking and fraud detection.
  • Customer Service - Local representative to assist with account/card set-up. Toll free assistance number ((800) 428-4016) on the back of each card.
  • Reporting - Free monthly or weekly fleet report detailing every specific transaction, time, date, quantity, price etc. Web access allows for any variety of reports to be generated on demand into excel format.
  • Acceptance - The SuperFleet card is accepted at all Speedway, Marathon, Rich Oil & Pilot Travel Centers, as well as Valvoline Instant Oil Changes. 1,200 locations in Michigan and 6,000 locations nationwide. ​
Greater Michigan & Southeast Michigan Members click here to download the Superfleet application.
Fax the completed form to Tom Farnham at (989) 837-8604.
Western Michigan Members click here to download the Superfleet application
Fax the completed form to Brian Porter at (517) 490-2081.

Program Features:

 If you are buying gasoline, diesel or dyed diesel in bulk, your ABC membership saves you money!

ABC Members can save 10% off margin per gallon of fuel through a special arrangement with four oil companies across the state. Over the course of the year that could add up to a significant savings for your company. This program covers diesel fuel, dyed diesel and gasoline in bulk quantities, and covers wet-hosing, on-site fueling, and both above- and below-ground tanks. 

Vendors across the state serve the entire ABC of Michigan membership: 
  • Brenner Oil
  • Eiseler Oil
  • Foster Oil
  • Blarney Castle Oil
New and current ABC member customers of these vendors are both eligible for the discount. Members can also buy fuel at a fixed price for delivery over an extended period of time. This may allow you to bid jobs more accurately by locking in the price of fuel for the entire job. 

Contact Brian Wohlscheid (Phone: (616) 218-3813); or Mary Boardway (Phone: (517) 853-2545) to begin saving money on bulk fuel today!