ABC Michigan: Senate Right to Stand Up Against Bullies, Unprecedented Mandate

Jeff Wiggins, State Director
January 22, 2020                                                                    
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ABC Michigan: Senate Right to Stand Up Against Bullies, Unprecedented Mandate

LANSING, MI- Jeff Wiggins, State Director of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, today, praised members of the state Senate for approving Senate Concurrent Resolution 18, a move to fight back against so-called labor peace agreements.

Rules proposed by the Whitmer administration to govern the licensing of marijuana-related businesses would institute the agreements, effectively giving labor unions veto power over whether or not a small business is ever allowed to open its doors.

“LARA’s proposed rules attempt to make an end run around federal labor law and allows third party groups, like unions, to bully small businesses and their employees into signing on – or else,” said Wiggins. “If the administration is allowed to bully one industry with this protectionist scheme, there’s nothing to stop them from bullying any other industry. Michigan Senators were right to fight back against this nonsense. They’re right to stand up for Michigan workers.”

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