ABC of Michigan Praises House Passage of Skilled Trades Education Package

For Immediate Release:
March 30, 2017

Jeff Wiggins

LANSING, MI – The Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan (ABC), today, praised the strong, bipartisan support of House Bills 4315 – 4318 in the House of Representatives. The package of bills would broaden curriculum choices required for high school graduation for students interested in a skilled trades education.

“These reforms provide necessary flexibility in our current high school curriculum, allowing students, parents, and educators the chance to explore educational options to for Michigan students,” said Jeff Wiggins, State Director of ABC of Michigan. “Students will now have the ability to astutely craft their curriculum to prepare themselves for a well-paying job in the trades.”

The legislative package, introduced by Representatives Beth Griffin (R-Mattawan), Curt Vanderwall (R-Ludington), Roger Hauck (R-Union Township), and Gary Howell (R-North Branch), would collectively provide greater opportunities for students to become better prepared for a job in the trades as they fulfill their high school graduation requirements.

HB 4317, for example, introduced by Rep. Hauck, would permit students already pursuing a skilled trades education to take an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-designed 30-hour safety training course to fulfill the student’s health education requirement.

“HB 4317 allows students the option to further focus their curriculum on an important area that will strengthen their knowledge and experience from a real-world perspective,” said Wiggins. “There is great value in providing a student the ability to become fluent in the best practices of an industry, giving them the necessary expertise should they choose to pursue a job in the trades.”

The package of bills now moves on to the Michigan Senate.

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