It pays to belong.

ABC of Michigan has been named the most effective construction industry association in the state of Michigan. We work in partnership with local chapters to help you solve business problems, cut costs, and keep informed on changes in the industry. Learn more by using the links below.


ABC of Michigan helps to connect quality contractors, suppliers, and business providers with those who need their services. Need to find a contractor, supplier, or business provider? Access the member directory online, call your local chapter, or search the national directory of Merit Shop contractors.

You'll also receive a printed, functional copy of our statewide annual Membership Directory.

Networking opportunities

ABC of Michigan offers you opportunities to meet other members statewide to give you the contacts you need for future projects and bidding opportunities. Since ABC members typically prefer to do business with other Merit Shop contractors, networking helps to identify new opportunities for your business to grow.

Assisting with your labor problems is a cooperative effort between ABC of Michigan and your local chapter

When unexpected labor problems occur, ABC members get top priority from the most experienced labor counsel in the industry. In addition to the labor attorneys available at the local level, the state office acts on your behalf by contacting your legislators and working with local chapter staff to get your situation resolved.

ABC keeps you informed about the construction industry, statewide, nationally and locally

ABC keeps you abreast of legal and regulatory changes in the industry - both state and federal - and provides valuable information to help you perform your job faster, safer, and more cost effectively.

Many members regularly keep ABC of Michigan informed of the way that regulations and laws (state and federal) affect their businesses. Providing us with specific information can help as we represent your interests to Michigan legislators.

As a member, you will receive ABC of Michigan publications including Merit Minute (bi-weekly electronic Merit Shop news), the quarterly magazine Michigan Merit, and the national Construction Executive magazine. 

ABC Works to help your business run cost-effectively
ABC of Michigan, local chapters, and ABC National have agreements with many different service providers to offer discounts and special pricing to our members. 

Programs include: 

The ABC of Michigan Workers' Compensation Insurance gives you money back

The ABC Self-insured Workers' Compensation Fund (ABC SIWCF) is a member-run fund which significantly decreases Workers' Comp costs through careful underwriting, aggressive claims management and the return of premium credits.

Members participating in the ABC SIWCF plan cite these workers' comp benefits as a primary reason for retaining their ABC membership - they never want to leave, because no other insurance plan gives money back at the end of the year! The average annual return is 35%.

While you run your business, ABC of Michigan is working to protect your business from unfavorable legislation.

As we monitor new developments and legal changes at the state level, we'll keep you informed on what's happening. You'll also receive regulatory and legislative updates from ABC National. ABC of Michigan's efforts to keep the construction industry building have resulted in our being recognized as one of the most influential business groups statewide. Learn more about the issues we track and the Merit Shop Philosophy

Plus, we keep ABC members in the loop so that you can use the real-world experiences you have as contractors to advocate for ABC issues with your legislators. Become a Merit Shop Champion!